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Advertising on the Internet, 2nd Edition

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How today’s most successful online advertisers and marketers maximize their online presence, and how you’ll be able to too

This updated and expanded Second Edition of the bestselling guide to online advertising is must reading for everyone who wants to profit from the most important new advertising medium since television. A complete primer on online advertising for businesses of all sizes, it gets you on top of things on the crucial issues, hot new trends, and most effective new technologies in Internet advertising. Loaded with examples of some of today’s most successful online advertising and marketing initiatives, it gives you the inside track on:
* Successful online ad models
* Market research online
* Direct marketing, including opt-in e-mail, promotions, and sweepstakes
* Targeting and personalization
* Internet advertising management tools
* Traffic measurement and gauging the effectiveness of your ads
* Buying and selling ads on your Web site
* Advertising locally
* Advertising to an international market
* Legal aspects of Internet advertising
* How to put it up for sale for free, or almost free (contributed by Eric Ward, the father of grassroots advertising strategies)

On the companion Web site at you can find:
* Links to additional training and tool resources
Internet advertising is still a business finding its legs, but it is already an important part of most successful commercial sites. And for companies that don’t seem to be Web-based, the Internet is now an important medium to imagine for marketing strategies. In the second edition of Advertising on the Internet, authors and Net advertising professionals Robbin Zeff and Brad Aronson survey the current state of advertising online.

Though many of the concepts the authors present are extensions of traditional advertising issues, the book offers a very comprehensive view of things; even seasoned Webmasters will learn from this title. The quite a lot of advertising models and techniques are illustrated, with the balance of effectiveness versus user annoyance discussed often.

Along with the technical aspects of getting your word out on the Web, the book also covers special international considerations, legal restrictions and cautions, and targeting techniques, plus it includes a lengthy resource list. Zeff and Aronson’s analysis of the Web details how to track site and user statistics to monitor usage patterns and ad effectiveness. Whether you’re a techie or not, this book provides some useful insights. –Stephen W. Plain

Topics covered: Online ad models, direct marketing, Web measurement, targeting, pricing models, selling ads, buying ads, market research, international advertising, legal issues, and advertising for free (or almost).

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